Hello, 2020! And thanks 2019 – you were awesome!

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Yet another year has just ended, and it was memorable, and a great year. I was busy, met amazing people, spent a lot of time with my family and friends, and enjoyed life. I wanted to put some things in numbers, as I feel they make things more tangible, real and also rewarding for me. In 2019 I had a chance to: Write two books – one on Azure Governance, and another on getting started… Read More »Hello, 2020! And thanks 2019 – you were awesome!

Insights: How I write and what I’ve learned on writing this year

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It’s not a secret by now, that I love writing. Yesterday I wrote 15 pages for my upcoming book on Microsoft Azure – it will be a sequel volume to the one that was published in May by ShareGate: (You can get a free digital copy here) I’ve written more actively this year – about 50 blog posts for my own blog, and plenty of other pieces online. The more I write, the easier it… Read More »Insights: How I write and what I’ve learned on writing this year

On writing books


I spent a few days during Christmas break to map out my 2019 – goals, dreams, hopes, ambitions and fears. I also read – a lot. Perhaps not enough to claim I’m an avid reader, but enough to make my Kindle sweat when I download more books from Amazon. I love reading ebooks, printed books as well as whitepapers that I sometimes print myself. I’m very bad with audiobooks, as I seem to like the act… Read More »On writing books