Help out by filling out my quick survey!

Help out by filling out my quick survey!

[ Update August 31: Thanks, the survey has now concluded! ]

I’m 77 % done with my studies, which hopefully allow me to graduate as an Executive MBA in early 2021. As part of the two-year program (you can read the background here), I’m writing a thesis on organizational advocacy. Think of it as the rough opposite of customer advocacy, where you write a review on Amazon for a stellar book you’ve purchased and read. Organizational advocacy is when someone gets paid (on salary, usually) to advocate for a company’s products and services.

I wanted to research this further through interviews, and then with an anonymous survey. I’ll then dive deeper into the data, and produce my final paper. It should be about 50 pages, or so – and it should be ready around October.

I’m kindly now asking anyone with 1-2 minutes of spare time to fill out my survey. It’s anonymous, and I crafted it so that it’s easy to fill out – so you don’t need to produce an essay! It would be amazing if you filled it out here: (I’ll also discard all the data once I’m done with this project, which is around November 2020).

What happens next? I’ll keep the survey running for a week or two, or until I have enough data. I’ll then spend a few long weekends analyzing and writing out the raw text for my thesis. 50 pages is not much, as simply explaining the concepts and presenting the data easily takes half of that.

I will also publish my final thesis paper here, once it’s done.