RAM upgrade

Photo by @elbwrits / Unsplash.com

Upgrading Synology DS412+ RAM to 4 GB

This is a quick post, as this was a quick procedure. I’ve been running a Synology-branded NAS for ages. 86 months, or over 7 years now. It runs 24 hours a day on my desk, and it’s fantastic. It provides plenty of disk space (at 4 * 4 TB I get a net of 10.5 TB storage), and it supports a variety of services such as running Docker-based containers, VPN services and similar. The downside is that Synology has chosen to use cheap and low-powered Intel processors in their devices. This is presumably to keep the cost down and more importantly, to save on power consumption. While the device is idle, it draws about 41 Watts, and when hard drives… Read More »Upgrading Synology DS412+ RAM to 4 GB