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Windows 10 19H1 (1903) update: Top 5 new features

I’ve loved – and yes, I really mean it – Windows 10 since it became available back in 2015. I run Windows 10 on all three of my main machines – two laptops and one beefy workstation, and use this setup for rotating updates when major releases become available. You can check out my thoughts from the 2018 update exactly one year ago here. The next major release for Windows 10 is called 19H1. Internally, it’s still using the old naming model thus it’s called 1903 (Year: 19, Month: 03). Perhaps someone realized that it’s better to aim for one half of a year than the exact month, so 19H1 works fine. It has nothing to do with H1N1, though.… Read More Β»Windows 10 19H1 (1903) update: Top 5 new features