Sponsorship opportunities

Photo by @jane_palash / Unsplash.com
Photo by @jane_palash / Unsplash.com

I’ve written for this blog since 2014. For the past years, I’ve settled for a regular weekly rhythm, and the current content is reached 200 posts focusing on Microsoft technologies, Azure, productivity, and useful insights. On a regular week, I publish new content 2 times.

Creating content is something I do for the community, and it also enables me to learn and research new technologies. I’m now (slowly) opening up for sponsorships for this blog.

The options include:

  • A header banner, visible on all posts and content pages (300 px * 200 px or so).
  • A banner on the sidebar, visible on all posts and content pages (300 px * 200 px or so).

I aim to keep this simple.

Reach and audience

Current traffic and reach are growing, with over 20,000 unique visitors per month (October 2020) and close to 30,000 pageviews per month. Yearly growth is 72 % for pageviews.

Demographic is a global audience with the following top countries:

Country% of visitors
United States27.2 %
United Kingdom9.9 %
India6.3 %
Australia5.3 %
Canada4.6 %
Finland3.9 %
Germany3.8 %
Netherlands3.4 %
France2 %
Sweden1.9 %

Contact me for details

Contact me directly for details on pricing and availability:

    If you prefer a more direct way, feel free to reach out directly to me: