Fun stuff

A simple "shoot the clouds" game

Prompted using Github Copilot Chat. Shoot with spacebar, move with arrow ⬅️ and arrow ➡️

Prompts used:

  • create a game in html and javascript, asteroid style. You are a little person - perhaps a stick figure in ASCII - trying to shoot down monsters that are named GCP, AWS and AZURE. You use spacebar to shoot a small bullet. Arrow keys left and right to move in the bottom of the screen.
  • this is great! Edit it so that the green blocks falling have visible names, randomly from one of the following: AWS, GCP and AZURE
  • randomize the positions where the green blocks fall. Where do I edit that?
  • make each block generate a point. Tally the scores on the sides. Make the green blocks indefinite.

Then several iterations from this, with small changes such as make random boxes blue and they give 3 points instead of 1 when you shoot at them.

Monster Shooter