April 25, 2014

Making Remote Desktop fun again: Dynamic resizing and resolution changes while connected

I remember reading about this feature when Windows 8.1 was made generally available in late 2013, but for I didn’t have time then to try this out. Today while being connected to my home server to do some development work I decided to test if the new features in Remote Desktop (RDP) work or provide any real benefits. My number one gripe with RDP has in the past few years been the amazingly clumsy way to resize a remote session from full screen to something smaller. Experienced RDP users know how to do this, but less regular users always seem to struggle with this view: You first have to close the current connection, and start a new connection. Before clicking Connect you have to scroll theslider from Large […]
March 12, 2014

Working from home: Using a standing desk

On Spring 2013 I made the decision to consciously start working more often from home. One of the reasons for this was – obviously – the open office, which I felt was a productivity blocker for me. My commute isn’t that bad, after we moved our office to the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Typically it takes me anywhere between 12 to 20 minutes on public transport. Just long enough to be slightly irritating, and just short enough to not have time to read up on those articles I’ve been meaning to read. The pattern So, after having worked remotely for about 6 months a pattern emerged: I’d typically work with clients either from home, or on-site from Mondays to Wednesdays. Thursdays I’d reserve for writing, calls and catching […]