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Everything is subscription-based – so how much am I paying for the services I use every month?

I wrote about closing down my Dropbox account last week. During the weekend I had some time to reflect back on that decision (for which I am still happy with), and also the amount of money I paid for Dropbox over the months. It was close to $1400 in total over 10 years, or so. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years. For the first two years, I struggled, quite a bit, with making ends meet. I think it’s part of the journey when you decide to bootstrap your business. After a few years, the business started looking better and I was able to pay myself a decent salary. Far from the salaries and bonuses, I got while working at… Read More »Everything is subscription-based – so how much am I paying for the services I use every month?
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Saying goodbye to Dropbox

I’ve been a Dropbox user for 10 years. During this time, I think I’ve paid about $1400 in subscription fees. I’ve used the service through the Plus plan, and I’ve also had the Unlimited (Packrat) version history for half of the time. It’s a great service. I simply love it; it’s simple, reliable, fast and with 2 TB of storage it’s always been enough for me. I’ve had Dropbox on my mobile devices, integrated with Microsoft Azure, my Synology device and other services that needed to access my data. Recently, Dropbox went public, and the service started changing. And not to my liking. The new Dropbox Desktop App felt needless, and I started thinking if I still wanted to use… Read More »Saying goodbye to Dropbox

SharePoint Saturday HELsinki 2019 tickets are now available!

For the fourth time, SharePoint Saturday HELsinki 2019 will be held on September 28. This is a free event, organized by myself and my fellow MVP Jussi Mori. We’ve got a stellar lineup of speakers: You can view details for the event here, and get your free ticket here. See you in September! Jussi RoineI help organizations create secure cloud and hybrid solutions using Microsoft Azure and Office 365. I’m a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional & Microsoft Regional Director. Based in Helsinki, Finland.
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Doing sales as a techie: Efficient strategies for sales

By now, if you’ve read any of my posts in the past few years, it should be obvious I’m a geek, nerd, and techie by heart. I love building and learning new stuff – be it a custom connector to my smart ring, figuring out containers for my specific use-cases or configuring backups to the cloud. I’m also a bit extrovert. Not too outspoken though, at least not in a Dutch directness kind of way (for now, at least), but more in the way that I enjoy interacting with people. It has helped me immensely when I deliver training and talks, and also when meeting with companies and running workshops. Early in my career, I often joined salespeople in meetings… Read More »Doing sales as a techie: Efficient strategies for sales

What’s up?

It’s been a few very busy months for me, and instead of writing a deeply technical article on something esoteric I thought I’d update you a bit on what’s going on. I wrote earlier about starting school to eventually graduate as an Executive MBA. It’s almost time for Summer break, yet I’ve enjoyed every hour in the classroom and while working on assignments. Some have been very challenging, others have been mostly fun but still time consuming. It’s an intricate balance between work, school, hobbies, family and finding time to think. I spent a few days in Prague, the Czech Republic late April to plan, discuss and produce the 2019 program for the European SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure Conference.… Read More »What’s up?

Is it worth going to large, international tech conferences anymore?

Hello from Seattle! This week I am attending Microsoft Build 2019. The weather is nice, as opposed to all the previous times I have been in Seattle during the past 20 years. Note: I wrote compact recaps from all three keynotes from Build – you can view them here (Vision Keynote, Azure Keynote, Microsoft 365 Keynote). For me to get to Seattle it’s a tedious and long journey. Admittedly not insanely long, but typically between 15 and 22 hours door-to-door. Time difference is 10 hours, first few days are basically just coping with lack of sleep and tiredness. A large conference such as Build, at 6,000 or so attendees, is also time away from family and work. For me that… Read More »Is it worth going to large, international tech conferences anymore?
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What’s next for me: Starting the Executive MBA journey

I’ve worked in IT for almost three decades — I started young. So young in fact that I quit school perhaps a bit too early and abruptly. It never bothered or stopped me as I loved and still love what I do. I also realized that to become better as a techie I need to constantly seek for new challenges. This forced me to become more comfortable spending time in my non-comfort zones – standing in front of any sort and size of an audience; creating short and lengthy presentations; doing technical pre-sales; managing and leading people; delivering presentations in English and Finnish; writing books; trying to become better at what I do. For the past 10 years I’ve been… Read More »What’s next for me: Starting the Executive MBA journey
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…But I like email!

People – and consultants, a bit like myself – often tell unequivocally on social media and through flashy PowerPoints that email is dead. You must move on. Slack and Microsoft Teams and similar enterprise social tools are the future – a modern way for collaboration and that’s where real work happens now. Okay. I understand all that. I’ve done my fair share of billable work on setting up, configuring, developing and integrating companies to Microsoft Teams. It’s great and I use it daily. But I still like email, too. A lot. And I use it daily also. That too is where real work happens. My phone rang today. I think it was the first time it rang in weeks. We… Read More »…But I like email!
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Be better – or how to consistently succeed as a techie

I’ve had this post — or rather just the title — in my blog as a draft for over a year. Today, I decided it’s time to put my money where my mouth by writing it and making it public. First, some clarification. My intention is not to brag about my professional career. My intention is to provide useful guidance I’ve learned during the course of almost 30 years. I’ve found the guidance below very useful and I’m typically seeing a pattern for success. I hope this provides assurance, help and guidance for anyone wanting to become better while working in tech and also for making others – like me – succeed and reach their goals. My goals have never… Read More »Be better – or how to consistently succeed as a techie

I want to become a carpenter – and here’s my plan

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I’ve thought about becoming a carpenter for as long as I can remember. The idea of crafting something out of a solid block of wood is enticing, and I’m pretty sure I’d excel, or even master carpentry given some time and practice. Unfortunately, I’ve worked in all things IT for about 25 years, so there are many things I should probably unlearn, and many things I have to learn. But I’ve got a plan, so I should be good! Here it is: Basics I will dedicate several weeks, possibly even a full month in getting to know the basics. I’m very eager and enthusiastic so that must count for something – perhaps it even accelerates my plan. I’ll spend a… Read More »I want to become a carpenter – and here’s my plan