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What’s up?

In June this year, I wrote a brief update on what I’ve been up to lately. Weeks fly by so fast, I realized it’s time to provide another brief update after almost 6 months has passed. Hello from Haarlem I’m attending the Office 365 & SharePoint 2019 Connect even in beautiful Haarlem, The Netherlands. I think this is the 9th year for this event, and sadly also the last time it’s being held. It’s bittersweet I won’t get to visit this charming little town next year anymore. I presented two sessions, you can access the content through these links: Getting started with Azure Container Instances Azure Blackbelt: 30 essential skills I’ve done fewer conferences and events this year, than in… Read More »What’s up?
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Choosing a suitable device for reading articles, docs, and ebooks

I love gadgets, and I love reading, too. It’s a nice combination, as there’s always a new shiny gadget that one just has to buy – for reading, of course. I currently own an Amazon Kindle Oasis (2018) device, a rather old iPad (that the kids are using for YouTube), and a Surface Go. I do have a few work laptops, and a beefy workstation that I do most of my work on. This got me thinking – how should I read, and how to make reading as low friction as possible for myself? My favorite device is the Kindle Oasis, as it’s always ready to be used. I haven’t had a chance to read anything in about two weeks,… Read More »Choosing a suitable device for reading articles, docs, and ebooks
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Insights: How I write and what I’ve learned on writing this year

It’s not a secret by now, that I love writing. Yesterday I wrote 15 pages for my upcoming book on Microsoft Azure – it will be a sequel volume to the one that was published in May by ShareGate: (You can get a free digital copy here) I’ve written more actively this year – about 50 blog posts for my own blog, and plenty of other pieces online. The more I write, the easier it gets. Perhaps there’s an insinuation to working IT here, too. I’ve also learned a lot during this year on how I write, and how I get rid of the usual obstacles, such as writers’ block, deadlines and finding a suitable topic. Let’s go through some… Read More »Insights: How I write and what I’ve learned on writing this year
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Announcing my departure from the company I helped found and build

It’s exactly 3877 days since I founded my company. That’s about 25% of my life. I had just resigned from Microsoft, after moving back to Helsinki from Dublin. This wasn’t a solo journey, as I had my brother to start and bootstrap the company with me. We named the company Onsight Helsinki, as I’ve been a keen rock climber for almost two decades so it only made sense at the time. We focused on delivering training and consulting services on the Microsoft stack – Office 365, Azure, later Microsoft 365 and what have you. We ran the company together from early 2009 up until 2017, when we merged with another company (called Sulava). Even after the merger, we remained as… Read More »Announcing my departure from the company I helped found and build
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Turning on video during Microsoft Teams meetings – why, or why not?

I’ve used Microsoft Teams – mostly daily – since November 2016. That’s almost 3 years, and probably about 3 billion meetings, calls, chats and other messages over that time. I bought a Logitech BRIO 4K webcam last year, mainly to use it with Windows Hello-based authentication. That means I can just casually stroll to my study room, sit down and the computer unlocks automatically upon recognizing my face. It’s beyond great! The webcam comes equipped with a privacy flap – a piece of plastic I can flip down to block the camera. It still allows the infrared lens to work for Windows Hello, so I mostly have the flap flipped down. I’ve had the opportunity to partake in numerous meetings… Read More »Turning on video during Microsoft Teams meetings – why, or why not?
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Thoughts on entrepreneurship and building a company

Tomorrow on September 5th is the Finnish national Entrepreneur’s Day. The fun and somewhat comical part is that it does not coincide with World’s Entrepreneurs’ Day, which was in August this year. In addition, in Finnish – which is my native language – the word entrepreneur is ‘yrittäjä.’ Don’t try to pronounce it, but what it literally means is ‘someone who tries.’ I’ve been a trier for 10 years and some months now. For me, entrepreneurship often means being a business owner. Running and building a company, and trying to grow it successfully without making anyone angry in the process. Back in 2009, when I started with my brother – as all the best companies are founded with your siblings,… Read More »Thoughts on entrepreneurship and building a company
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I’ve got a newsletter now – in a modern email!

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I like writing. I really, really, like authoring content. Currently, I have one book in progress, another one that I’m overseeing and a few more ideas brewing for future books. It’s great. There was a time, not too long ago, that I was afraid to open Microsoft Word. The white, blank page was scary and ruthlessly demanding. Not so anymore. I spent serious effort to understand how to put myself into a writing mode, without fear of failure. Sometimes a glass of wine helps, too. I’ve blogged more frequently in the past year, for which I’m happy and feel I’m reaching a wider audience. Sometimes, though, I think I have more to say about something. Or an idea that I’m… Read More »I’ve got a newsletter now – in a modern email!
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Everything is subscription-based – so how much am I paying for the services I use every month?

I wrote about closing down my Dropbox account last week. During the weekend I had some time to reflect back on that decision (for which I am still happy with), and also the amount of money I paid for Dropbox over the months. It was close to $1400 in total over 10 years, or so. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years. For the first two years, I struggled, quite a bit, with making ends meet. I think it’s part of the journey when you decide to bootstrap your business. After a few years, the business started looking better and I was able to pay myself a decent salary. Far from the salaries and bonuses, I got while working at… Read More »Everything is subscription-based – so how much am I paying for the services I use every month?
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Saying goodbye to Dropbox

I’ve been a Dropbox user for 10 years. During this time, I think I’ve paid about $1400 in subscription fees. I’ve used the service through the Plus plan, and I’ve also had the Unlimited (Packrat) version history for half of the time. It’s a great service. I simply love it; it’s simple, reliable, fast and with 2 TB of storage it’s always been enough for me. I’ve had Dropbox on my mobile devices, integrated with Microsoft Azure, my Synology device and other services that needed to access my data. Recently, Dropbox went public, and the service started changing. And not to my liking. The new Dropbox Desktop App felt needless, and I started thinking if I still wanted to use… Read More »Saying goodbye to Dropbox

SharePoint Saturday HELsinki 2019 tickets are now available!

For the fourth time, SharePoint Saturday HELsinki 2019 will be held on September 28. This is a free event, organized by myself and my fellow MVP Jussi Mori. We’ve got a stellar lineup of speakers: You can view details for the event here, and get your free ticket here. See you in September! Jussi RoineI’m a Trusted Advisor working with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. I’m a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional & Microsoft Regional Director. Based in Helsinki, Finland.