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Turning on video during Microsoft Teams meetings – why, or why not?

I’ve used Microsoft Teams – mostly daily – since November 2016. That’s almost 3 years, and probably about 3 billion meetings, calls, chats and other messages over that time. I bought a Logitech BRIO 4K webcam last year, mainly to use it with Windows Hello-based authentication. That means I can just casually stroll to my study room, sit down and the computer unlocks automatically upon recognizing my face. It’s beyond great! The webcam comes equipped… Read More »Turning on video during Microsoft Teams meetings – why, or why not?
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…But I like email!

People – and consultants, a bit like myself – often tell unequivocally on social media and through flashy PowerPoints that email is dead. You must move on. Slack and Microsoft Teams and similar enterprise social tools are the future – a modern way for collaboration and that’s where real work happens now. Okay. I understand all that. I’ve done my fair share of billable work on setting up, configuring, developing and integrating companies to Microsoft… Read More »…But I like email!
Teams, Teams, Teams!

Teams, Teams, Teams!

Yesterday Microsoft announced Microsoft Teams, which is a new service in Office 365. It is an integral part of Office 365 Groups, which again is an integral part of the future of collaboration in the cloud. You can access Teams on your own Office 365 subscription at Diving in I am a huge believer in trying, and possibly failing fast. A bit after last night’s announcement I activated Teams on my own company’s production… Read More »Teams, Teams, Teams!