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Planning my IKEA desktop project

We got the first IKEA store in Finland in 1996. Today, we have five. I’m proud to say I’ve only visited three of them. I really like IKEA for multiple reasons, one being that I can easily buy parts and accessories for my hobby projects – and the merchandise is always available! When I renovated my study room about a year ago, I purchased a large IKEA kitchen tabletop as my desk. It’s the Karlby… Read More »Planning my IKEA desktop project

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Choosing a suitable device for reading articles, docs, and ebooks

I love gadgets, and I love reading, too. It’s a nice combination, as there’s always a new shiny gadget that one just has to buy – for reading, of course. I currently own an Amazon Kindle Oasis (2018) device, a rather old iPad (that the kids are using for YouTube), and a Surface Go. I do have a few work laptops, and a beefy workstation that I do most of my work on. This got… Read More »Choosing a suitable device for reading articles, docs, and ebooks

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Saying goodbye to Dropbox

I’ve been a Dropbox user for 10 years. During this time, I think I’ve paid about $1400 in subscription fees. I’ve used the service through the Plus plan, and I’ve also had the Unlimited (Packrat) version history for half of the time. It’s a great service. I simply love it; it’s simple, reliable, fast and with 2 TB of storage it’s always been enough for me. I’ve had Dropbox on my mobile devices, integrated with… Read More »Saying goodbye to Dropbox

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Learning quickly as a consultant: Efficient learning strategies

In my role as an architect, I’m often faced with limited time, scarce resources and considerable expectations on how I deliver my services. It isn’t uncommon that within a single day working with a customer we work through Microsoft Teams implementation Azure AD security settings Office ProPlus rollout strategies Fixing a legacy script Perhaps this is also my handicap – I refuse to say “No, that’s somebody else who works on that” when I have… Read More »Learning quickly as a consultant: Efficient learning strategies

Five indispensable gadgets I use in my home office

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love gadgets. There has been a time in my life I accidentally landed with some surplus money, and while many people wiser than me would probably have invested said money in mutual bonds or stock portfolios, I invested in gadgets. One of those was the worst gadget I’ve ever bought – a set-top DVD burner. For use when you record TV shows and want to… Read More »Five indispensable gadgets I use in my home office

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Windows 10 19H1 (1903) update: Top 5 new features

I’ve loved – and yes, I really mean it – Windows 10 since it became available back in 2015. I run Windows 10 on all three of my main machines – two laptops and one beefy workstation, and use this setup for rotating updates when major releases become available. You can check out my thoughts from the 2018 update exactly one year ago here. The next major release for Windows 10 is called 19H1. Internally,… Read More »Windows 10 19H1 (1903) update: Top 5 new features

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Living with Oura Ring – the smart way to track wellness and activity

Late last year I decided to place an order for a Oura Ring, the smart wellness and activity tracking ring from the Finnish startup. It took a few months to arrive, as they seem to be in high demand. While I’m writing this Oura’s site has a banner saying that orders placed today will be delivered by May. Impressive! I had two intentions for my order. First and foremost I wanted to support the Finnish… Read More »Living with Oura Ring – the smart way to track wellness and activity

I’m done with browser bookmarks

I originally started writing this post in early 2018, when I came to the realization I have no need for browser bookmarks anymore. It’s 2019 now, and I’m still in the same situation: I don’t use browser bookmarks. Do I still have bookmarks in my browser? No. I waited for a year, but they didn’t vanish. This weekend I exported all bookmarks from my browsers and stashed the resulting .html file somewhere (should I ever… Read More »I’m done with browser bookmarks

Bye, Facebook (for now)

I have mixed feelings. Mostly I’m now less anxious and feel more peaceful. At the same time I feel I’m missing out on something I’m not completely sure what that is. I deactivated my Facebook account in early January. Timing wasn’t intentional, I just had enough time to reflect and consider how I want to invest my limited time and mental energy. Note, that I didn’t delete my account, but rather made the soft deletion, or… Read More »Bye, Facebook (for now)

Hello, iPhone! (and bye, Android)

I’ve used modern smartphones for a long time. I remember purchasing the first Nokia phone with a camera (the 7650) in mid-2002, and it was fabulous. The 0.3 megapixel images I was able to capture were grainy, but I was taking pictures with a phone, so who cared about the quality of the images! Most phones I owned between 2002 and 2010 were Nokia phones, with Symbian OS. I then spent a few years with… Read More »Hello, iPhone! (and bye, Android)