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Choosing a suitable device for reading articles, docs, and ebooks

I love gadgets, and I love reading, too. It’s a nice combination, as there’s always a new shiny gadget that one just has to buy – for reading, of course. I currently own an Amazon Kindle Oasis (2018) device, a rather old iPad (that the kids are using for YouTube), and a Surface Go. I do have a few work laptops, and a beefy workstation that I do most of my work on. This got me thinking – how should I read, and how to make reading as low friction as possible for myself? My favorite device is the Kindle Oasis, as it’s always ready to be used. I haven’t had a chance to read anything in about two weeks,… Read More »Choosing a suitable device for reading articles, docs, and ebooks
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Insights: How I write and what I’ve learned on writing this year

It’s not a secret by now, that I love writing. Yesterday I wrote 15 pages for my upcoming book on Microsoft Azure – it will be a sequel volume to the one that was published in May by ShareGate: (You can get a free digital copy here) I’ve written more actively this year – about 50 blog posts for my own blog, and plenty of other pieces online. The more I write, the easier it gets. Perhaps there’s an insinuation to working IT here, too. I’ve also learned a lot during this year on how I write, and how I get rid of the usual obstacles, such as writers’ block, deadlines and finding a suitable topic. Let’s go through some… Read More »Insights: How I write and what I’ve learned on writing this year
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Getting started with Windows Terminal

About three months ago, Microsoft announced a new command-line interface for Windows called Windows Terminal. Occasionally I am seeing it being called Microsoft Terminal also. The announcement was done during Microsoft Build 2019 in May, and you can view that introductory session here: There is also an amazing video, which I think is called a sizzle video, here: The idea with Windows Terminal is to go beyond the traditional Command Prompt, that has been around in Windows (and before that, in MS-DOS) for decades. We got PowerShell in late 2006, and that’s a very capable and viable alternative to Command Prompt. But then again, PowerShell is still very much a management and task automation framework with a scripting language. Windows… Read More »Getting started with Windows Terminal
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Learning quickly as a consultant: Efficient learning strategies

In my role as an architect, I’m often faced with limited time, scarce resources and considerable expectations on how I deliver my services. It isn’t uncommon that within a single day working with a customer we work through Microsoft Teams implementation Azure AD security settings Office ProPlus rollout strategies Fixing a legacy script Perhaps this is also my handicap – I refuse to say “No, that’s somebody else who works on that” when I have a customer in need. Admittedly I’m also very transparent and open about things I don’t know enough to justify charging for my services – Dynamics 365 CRM comes to mind, as an example. Sure, I can do creative googling but it’s haphazard and only results… Read More »Learning quickly as a consultant: Efficient learning strategies

Hello, iPhone! (and bye, Android)

I’ve used modern smartphones for a long time. I remember purchasing the first Nokia phone with a camera (the 7650) in mid-2002, and it was fabulous. The 0.3 megapixel images I was able to capture were grainy, but I was taking pictures with a phone, so who cared about the quality of the images! Most phones I owned between 2002 and 2010 were Nokia phones, with Symbian OS. I then spent a few years with all sorts of different Windows Phones – the Lumia 800 (in 2011), the HTC HD7 (2010), the Samsung Omnia 7 (also in 2010). It finally became evident there was no real future with the platform, as the iPhone and plethora of Android devices seemed so… Read More »Hello, iPhone! (and bye, Android)