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Hello, 2020! And thanks 2019 – you were awesome!

Yet another year has just ended, and it was memorable, and a great year. I was busy, met amazing people, spent a lot of time with my family and friends, and enjoyed life. I wanted to put some things in numbers, as I feel they make things more tangible, real and also rewarding for me. In 2019 I had a chance to: Write two books – one on Azure Governance, and another on getting started… Read More »Hello, 2020! And thanks 2019 – you were awesome!
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My next adventure begins now – I’m joining Microsoft!

2019 has almost turned to 2020. This year has been one of the very best in my life, for a multitude of reasons. I’ve spent time with my family, and with my extended family more than I could have hoped for. I’ve met amazing people, and many I can now call friends. I’ve had more energy than before, and I’m enthusiastic about the future. Then again, a lot of heavy lifting and work were required,… Read More »My next adventure begins now – I’m joining Microsoft!
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Announcing our new Podcast, Ctrl+Alt+Azure – the first episode is out now!

I hinted briefly about a few very exciting projects I’m working on in my recent What’s up post, and one of those projects is out today. Our new podcast, named Ctrl+Alt+Azure (see the site here), is being launched immediately. I’m producing that together with a friend and fellow Azure MVP, Tobias Zimmergren. As the name quite directly suggests, it will be all about Microsoft Azure. You can listen to the first episode here, where we… Read More »Announcing our new Podcast, Ctrl+Alt+Azure – the first episode is out now!
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What’s up?

In June this year, I wrote a brief update on what I’ve been up to lately. Weeks fly by so fast, I realized it’s time to provide another brief update after almost 6 months has passed. Hello from Haarlem I’m attending the Office 365 & SharePoint 2019 Connect even in beautiful Haarlem, The Netherlands. I think this is the 9th year for this event, and sadly also the last time it’s being held. It’s bittersweet… Read More »What’s up?
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Announcing my departure from the company I helped found and build

It’s exactly 3877 days since I founded my company. That’s about 25% of my life. I had just resigned from Microsoft, after moving back to Helsinki from Dublin. This wasn’t a solo journey, as I had my brother to start and bootstrap the company with me. We named the company Onsight Helsinki, as I’ve been a keen rock climber for almost two decades so it only made sense at the time. We focused on delivering… Read More »Announcing my departure from the company I helped found and build
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Thoughts from Microsoft Inspire 2019 announcements

Microsoft Inspire (formerly Worldwide Partner Conference, or WPC) was held in Las Vegas in mid-July. I didn’t attend, as the event overlaps heavily with the Finnish summer holiday season, where Finland practically shuts down between midsummer’s eve (late June) to early August. Thankfully Microsoft is doing a tremendous job in sharing the news and announcements that were made during Inspire. It’s also the start of Microsoft’s new fiscal year; thus, it’s an optimal time for… Read More »Thoughts from Microsoft Inspire 2019 announcements

Thoughts on Microsoft ❤ GitHub announcement

By now, it is old news that Microsoft officially announced they will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion. Rumors started swirling on Sunday, and as is often the case, they are more or less to the point. I’ve been following with interest the different takes on this deal. First, Slashdot. I regularly check the news on Slashdot, mostly for the commentary. Unfortunately many people still post as Anonymous Cowards, so you have to filter out a… Read More »Thoughts on Microsoft ❤ GitHub announcement
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I’ve been working in IT since 1990. I also just turned 40, so there’s a little bit of a crisis right there. Majority of those years I’ve spent on Microsoft technologies – I do have a dark past dabbling in Linux and different Un*x variants. Plenty of these years have included SharePoint, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Good times, challenging projects and inspiring technical problems to crack. One of the guiding principles for me has… Read More »Microsoft Regional Director