Microsoft Ignite

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So, what’s up?

Don’t worry. This is not one of those end-of-the-year/end-of-a-decade posts. I’ll do that next week. I’ve taken the habit to reflect, reminisce and gather up my thoughts a few times a year. I did that a few months ago in October, and before that in June. As I’ve perhaps mentioned, I’ve been on an extended leave of absence since April. I spent the summer finishing up some projects, focusing on my well-being and spending time… Read More »So, what’s up?
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Back home from Ignite 2019!

Microsoft Ignite 2019 has wrapped up, and everyone’s gone home. Including me. I was in Orlando, FL from late Saturday to late Friday, and landed back in Helsinki Saturday afternoon. I dislike jetlag, but I’m quite OK with it nowadays. The week was so busy, that I slept through all flights on my way home; that’s what tired means. I spent most of my time in meetings, at the expo, and attending ad hoc hallway… Read More »Back home from Ignite 2019!
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On my way to Microsoft Ignite 2019

I’m writing this from Dubai, where I’m spending a week with the family to get that much-needed sun. This year I’m trying out something different — instead of decompressing after Microsoft Ignite, I’ll try to relax before the big event. We’ll see how that works out. I’ve spent some time by the pool to polish the slides for my two sessions at Ignite: THR2011 Building a connected summer cabin using Azure IoT Hub and AI… Read More »On my way to Microsoft Ignite 2019
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I’m speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando this November!

I’m overly happy and proud that I was selected as a speaker for the upcoming Microsoft Ignite 2019 event this November! The event takes place November 4-8 in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention Center. It’s going to be a massive event with over 1,000 sessions. This is my third time speaking at Ignite, and each time I’ve enjoyed the experience very much. It’s hectic, massive and memorable each year. I will be presenting… Read More »I’m speaking at Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando this November!