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Opening up for sponsorships

Thanks for reading my blog! If you have any questions or need a second opinion with anything Microsoft Azure, security or Power Platform related, don't hesitate to contact me.

I wrote the first blog post in 2014. I’d written plenty before, under several different domains – one was focused on my time living in Dublin, another strictly on SharePoint. This one provides me a bit more creative freedom to write about Microsoft Azure, gadgets, productivity, and books.

I’m now opening my blog for sponsorships in a low-key way. By no means do I intend to start producing paid commercials as blog content – that’s not what my audience wants to read. What I will do is inject one or two banner images – on the sidebar or the header. That’s it.

This is something I’ve thought about for a while. On one hand, I’m being extra careful not to destroy the value I feel the content is providing. On another hand, I feel through sponsorships more users are able to enjoy the content I produce.

Check out more details on the sponsor page here.