I'm renewed as Microsoft Regional Director

I'm renewed as Microsoft Regional Director

I received great and satisfying news in early May – I am renewed as a Microsoft Regional Director for another two years (2019-2021)! It’s my second term, as I was initially nominated and accepted to this elite group of people in 2017.

Microsoft Regional Directors (RDs) are trusted advisors, but we do not work for Microsoft. I think this is important to mention, as sometimes people assume that I’ve joined Microsoft as a full-time employee. We are non-paid and provide advisory capacity with Microsoft. In a way, the RD role shares some similarities with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP). Where MVPs are nominated and chosen based on their technical merits, RDs provide a deeper and more strategic approach and are chosen based on their leadership positions, commitment, and business excellence.

The past 24 months, when I was initially chosen as an RD have changed my life drastically for the positive. As I wrote earlier, I started school to eventually (hopefully) graduate as an Executive MBA. I find these studies have aided me greatly in my role as an RD, but also that through the role I’ve learned a lot about critical thinking, leadership, and how to run a better business.

I’ll invite anyone to reach out to me (email, Twitter DM) on any questions around the Microsoft Regional Director role.

To see a list of all current RDs, see here.